Arab Women #22: Fake


 So.. Faknes.. How many anyone of you know someone who is FAKE?!

* everyone in the crowd raises his hand! YES and im not talking about cosmetic surgeries here, not talking about implants and all sorts of weird things people do to themselves im talking about people who are hypocrytes and have multipersonalities.

Thier TASTE or OPINION changes depending on who they are with.

I remember there was this girl in University who would DATE all sorts of guys and EVERY guy was like totally different from the OTHER! One of them would be into clubbing and drinking and i would here her say things like ” OH YEAH LETS PARTY I love getting wasted” and then like a month later she is talking a guy who I was surprised FELL for her since he was considerably religious and doesn’t even DATE! I heard her talking to him saying things like ” Oh I WANNA GO TO HAJJ and I swear she did this *eyes tearing move!  *GASP

OH… mashala al iman nezal 3alieki?!! hassa3?! what about last night when you were shaking your bootay in DA club with 50 CENT??!

WAalak ya 7maaar is7aaaa hay il bent say3aaaaaaa

la amal liman tunadee.. wege3 il zalama wa ma 7ada sama 3alieh

So what I’m saying here.. there are all sorts of girls in the world but many are unfortunately of this KIND! And this KIND of GIRLS are the ones who GET THE GUYS! They know how to PLAY them! MEN LOVE Witches :P

I’m sure there are guys like that too. There is also another type of FAKE.. here is an ex..

I know a girl who is from GHAZA.. *image of kids throwing rocks comes to mind

my mom is from ghaza.. so is my husband..  AGDA3 NAAS.. but well this girll she married a LEBENESE GUY… and like when I see her now she suddenly forgot how to talk FALASTEENI

WALEK YERHAM JADEK IL KAN FEL 7aklaat ma3 Siiitti wa Sittek

Why change who you are? Are you ashamed of your palestinian ACCENT?!

In your head are your thoughts in LEBNAYNE? or FALASTAN!?

People Embrace who you are.. Don’t be someon else to IMPRESS Anyone.. And know that if you LIED to get someone to FALL FOR U.. eventually the REAL you will come out and if they DON’T like it you are in DEEP BURAAAZ

Simply just Dont be Fake! its a piece of CAKE!

homer simpson voice : cake yumm

*crazy mom does shakhra ghazaweeya with pride to end this post

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2 Responses to Arab Women #22: Fake

  1. h3rm1ny3w says:

    And thus I will be single forever :(

  2. haitham says:

    I blame TV! hehee

    bas jad mosh hehe

    Fake is the name of the game! On daily basis.

    رجعتينا لعمو هومر! ههههههههه

    Good read indeed!

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